My First Inkling Of Wrong

I truly don’t know when I first started my battle with my depression, but I do know that it escalated because of a 3 month traumatic experience that was happening to me. It wasn’t until I started having anxiety attacks, overeating, and suicidal ideations that I knew something was very wrong. I didn’t want to seem weak, so I thought I’d take care of everything myself. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have.It took me 3 years 4 months, 9 suicide attempts, 3 disciplinary actions, and going to an inpatient facility to see how much this really effected me. I never want to go through this again nor do I wish this on anyone else. I’m not saying I’m great and now I have a excellent life, but I’m still working on building myself back up with the help of medicine, group and individual therapy. There will ALWAYS be bad days, but what I have to think about is, the next day should be better than this. Hope I helped.




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