Creepy Adventure Coming Soon

While researching about my new dwellings and surrounding areas, I came across some very juicy hot spots. Places that are “haunted or have supernatural energies”, I’ve talked my sister and her boyfriend into exploring these places with me. I think it should be very eye opening and informative experiences. I can’t wait to share our experiences with you all.

Our very first ghostly adventure is going to happen on this weekend. I’m most looking forward to seeing if all these claims I’ve been hearing and people have been telling me are true. It especially helps that her boyfriend has been to the place we’re going to before. We shall see!

I’ll be putting the vlog of our experience on Youtube in the upcoming weeks. We thought this would be a good kick off to the start of school. So I guess it’s going to be our happy haunting. Can’t wait to talk to you all again. Hope you have a great day. Live free and be safe! If you would like to hear more from me then please follow my blog. See you soon.


Hugs & Kisses

The World As I Know It


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