Fun K-Beauty Fact Sunday

Great Sunday my beauties! I hope everything is going well in week. Today is my first Fun K-Beauty Fact, every Sunday I will either post a K-Beauty tip or new products that I have tried, good or bad. Always remember, what works for me might not work for you and vise versa. Lets begin with K-Beauty tip.


This tip can be used for people who are just getting started in a beauty regimen and for people who already have one, but are seeing slight improvements or none at all. Have you ever thought that the way you’re washing your face might be the problem.

Problem: You aren’t using the right movements to wash your face. I know, this sounds complete insignificant, but it might be one of your problems. You could very well have the right cleanser for your skin type, but just using the wrong face washing technique. Are you using the palms of your hands to aggressively rub your face up & down movements? That’s not giving your skin a gentle cleanse.

Answer for face: Try to release any pressure in your wrists & use only the tips of your fingers to draw small circles on your face. Make sure you always reverse directions.

Answer for nose: Use ring finger & move in even smaller circles on the sides of your nose.

Answer for neck: Take the upper half of your palm, which means just use your fingers, and move them upward, never pulling your skin down.


Hope these tips are helpful to you. Have a great rest of your Sunday and if you’d like to hear more tips, come here next Sunday. Live free and stay safe! To hear more from me, please follow my blog.

Hugs & Kisses

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