The Korean Skincare Regimen

There isn’t a “true” step regimen for Korean skincare. you don’t have to actually do a 10 step plan. You could do a simple 4 or 5 step plan. It really just depends on what your trying  to accomplish with your skin. At first I was doing an 8 step regimen, now I do a 4 or 10 step depending on the weather and how my skin was acting that day.

I’m going to first going to talk about the steps, then for the following week I’ll give you recommendations on what products to use for types of skin, skin concerns, and why to use the products for those problems. As I said before, a 10 step regimen doesn’t mean you actually do all 10 steps everyday.


  1. Oil Cleansers – Always apply to dry skin – The oil cleanser removes makeup & other oil based products i.e. lotion & pollution particles
  2.  Foam Cleansers – Apply to wet skin – It removes impurities i.e. sweat & dirt
  3. Exfoliator – Cleans clogged pores, rids dead skin cells, & brightens skin (Its not recommended for everyday use. For people with sensitive skin, you’d want to use this step once a week. People with tougher skin it’s best to exfoliate around 3x a week.
  4. Toner – Prepares skin so your skin can absorb treatments better
  5. Essence – It’s like a booster or serum, but watery. It’s a added layer of hydration before you apply a serum.
  6. Serum or Booster – This step technically isn’t necessary for everybody. If you don’t have dark marks or pigmentation, then you could skip this step.
  7.  Masks – The type of mask depends on what your skin concern is. Skincare masks have 6 types. Clay, peel-off, warm oil, thermal, cream and natural. Certain masks are not for everyday use. Best to use those types  2x weekly. (I use a different mask everyday for different skin concerns.)
  8. Eye Cream – Locks skin moisture. Always have 2 different creams. A day & night cream.
  9. SPF – Skin Protection


Hope this helped you out. Wednesday I’ll start going in depth step by step with products, ingredients, where to buy and what type to use based on skin types & concerns. Have a great day! Live free and stay safe. If you would like to hear more from me, please follow my blog. If you have an questions please ask! Thank you!


Hugs & Kisses

The World AS I Know It




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