UPDATE: Creepy Adventure

So last night, Sunday, my sister, her boyfriend, and I decided to go to experience Goatman Bridge. We left around 9, thought it was dark enough to vibe with the hole atmosphere, but I totally forgot to buy flashlights for everybody. (Lol) I decided that we should try exploring the the bridge and the trails without them first to see if we could get anything from it, that actually didn’t work. My camera wasn’t picking up anything but sounds and darkness. So I had to use my phone to record, but that wasn’t much better. We ran back to my car, a sitting cop stopped us, we tried with this high beam flashlight, then just decided to go to the neighborhood Wal-mart few lights away to get our on flashlights. It made us feel much better, so much better.

We went back, but it got tense not because of ghost or anything spiritually supernatural. There was a group of men there on the bridge smoking when we past them. After we pasted them it became extremely uncomfortable for us. First of all, they all were sitting in the dark when we walked up on them with our flashlights. Second, you when you walkaway from an area with a group of people and you can still hear them talking. Well, we could hear them talking as we’re talking down the trail, but it seemed like they were walking the same trail as us. When we kept looking back we saw nothing, until we pasted a fork on trail. As we talked about which trail to take we noticed lights down on the trail we were on.

I was VERY uncomfortable especially with the odds against us, only 3 people with one taser and a small knife vs seven men. It wasn’t looking good. We just thought to end it there and come back when we had our on group of individuals. As we started walking back to the car. The lights in the distance went away, as we got closer to the bridge we noticed that guys weren’t there anymore. They huddled underneath the bridge. It felt best just to leave.

I have to videos for both times that once I brighten everything and edit. I will be posting it, but know that we are going back because we didn’t get anything done. I don’t want to disappoint you all. So, sometime in September we’ll get this show on the road. Sorry for the wait.

Hugs & Kisses

The World As I Know It

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