Fun K-Beauty Fact Sunday

Welcome back my beauties, to our 2nd Fun K-Beauty Fact Sunday. I hope everything is going well for everybody. I just finished my first full week of college and I can say that its going to be a long year. Enough about the dreaded college student life, lets get into some skincare.


So I’ve been hooked on this product line for a while. Whenever a skincare product reacts horrible on my skin. This is my go to for getting my skin back to an blank slate. My blank slate means just my face being healthy and no acne. After I using it for about 3 weeks, I then try another new skincare product. I know this product works well and clears up my face. It has never failed me.

If you haven’t heard of MEDICUBE or MEDICUBE RED then you most be new to Korean skincare. I absolutely love their line of products. I wish they had a store in the states, ugh! (Sad face) Ordering them online is the way to go! I first heard about them from a site call EarlyPicker. I thought “what the heck might as well try this bundle out”. That’s right earlypicker has a bundle deal for a 6 step regimen. The bundle comes with the following:

1 Red Toner

1 Red Serum

1 Red Cream

1 Red Erasing Cream

1 Centella Scar Oinment

1 Free Red Foam Cleanser

They also include free samples and masks, the more you spend the moree free things you get. They also have an reward system, which once you make an account with them. They will start giving you percentages off your total cart, but you’d have to spend more to get a higher discount.

As you can see in my below picture my extras came with 2 mud masks and 4 sample size MEDICUBE RED products.


You’ll find on their site, they provide you a step chart, but that chart also includes additional products & steps that you’d have to buy separately. (As shown)



BUT….I bought even more stuff from earlypicker. I think I kind over did it. I can say I don’t regret it. 


Well I hope this gave you some new products to check out and try. is were you can purchase MEDICUBE, but you could also buy from MEDICUBE’s actually site

Have a great Sunday everyone! Can’t wait to hear from you all. Any questions, just ask. Live free and stay safe! If you’d like to hear more from me, please follow my blog. See you next Sunday with more on Fun K-Beauty Fact Sunday.

Hugs & Kisses

The World As I Know It

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