Fun K-Beauty Fact Sunday

Hi my beauties! I hope its been an fruitful day for you all. I’ve been busy thinking about what beauty tip to talk about today. As I was cleaning out all my makeup and skincare drawers, while reordering some more products. It can to me in the trash bin. Yes, I said the trash bin. I know this tip isn’t specifically a Korean beauty tip. I thought this is a great beauty tip for everyone to know. So lets talk about some major reasons why you’d throw away skincare products.

For myself, it took awhile for me to really commit to this step. That’s the price I pay for purchasing new skincare products every month, some products just don’t work for you. That’s just the gist of it. I know…you spent $50-129 on this one product, but it’s showing no improvements or insignificant improvements even after a month of use. Just throw it away. I will say my over $100 primer works so well. Just love it! Wonder if you all can guess my primer? Lol!

The next reason would be if your skin is getting real irritated or reacting bad to the product after a few uses. It might be because there are harmful ingredients in the product that you’re using or you’re allergic to one of the ingredients in the product. Just to be on the safe side throw it away. Remember just because it works for your friend doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Next reason is basic. The product you have expired. I diffidently would never use an product past its expiration date. Think about it, would you drink milk that expired a week ago, I hope not. I never buy in bulk unless I know, I’m going to be using that product everyday and sometimes more then once a day. Those products are usually my go to products. I reorder new products, when I see it comes in a small container. Mainly, because I know it’s not going to last me the full month. Or I’m almost done with the product in its only been maybe two weeks.

Last reason for me, would be if your product starts to look or smell funny. Sometimes products already come like that. But I mean, if it looks vastly different then when you opened it. Examples would be if you can see the product separating or there is small clumps in it that weren’t there before. Always read how to properly store you products, because this could be the effect of a not properly stored product.

I hope this helped you out just a little. Next Sunday is a toss up between talking about Aprilskin products, Deciem products, or sheet masks. Guess you’ll find out which one next Sunday. As always stay safe and live free! If you enjoyed this, please like. To hear more from me, please follow my blog. Questions or request, just ask. Tuesday is the next step in Korean skincare regimens, which is toners.

Hugs & Kisses

The World As I Know It

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