K – Beauty Fact Sunday

Good afternoon my beauties, I hope you all are having a great day! I decided today we’d talk about the Aprilskin company…well their skincare products, I should say.

A little background information, it became an cosmetic brand in October of 2014. And ever since they have been a well known brand in the Korean skincare community. All because of their first ever skincare product.

The Magic Stone Signature Soap. One way to describe this soap, it’s very similar to the Natural Black Bar Soap you’d see in like a Target or Wal-Mart. I feel that this soap is just the Korean version of it. They came out with two version of this soap.

The Signature Soap Original and The Signature Soap Black.


While they do almost the same thing, they have slightly different benefits. For me they both moisturize, exfoliate, cleanse, & soothe. The differences would be the Original is a better deep cleanser & great pore cleanser. So if your wearing a full face, this soap is a good makeup remover or just a great nighttime cleanser. This also works very well for people with sensitive skin. While the Black soap is better at removing impurities, has better soothing effects, is slightly more gentle than the Original. A great morning cleanser. With them both being a $15 product, I’d just get both and see how they work with your skin.

The next product is what I use right now as my follow up oil cleanser. Its the Magic All-Kill-Cleansing Oil. It’s like putting massage oil on for face. I’t’s not irritating on the skin & doesn’t leave an oily residue. It removes makeup very well & once I rinse it off my skin feels quite soft. For $24 it’s a nice beginner product. As I’ve said in one of my pervious Fact Sunday, when I try new products that react bad with my skin. I use my fall back products to get my skin under control again & this is one of them.


Moving right along, is the Grapefruit Deo Tissue. I don’t know what it is with grapefruit, but it always makes my skin feel alive & oh so refreshed. I love using the grapefruit makeup wipes & I love freshening up with these tissues. Living in a place that really only has two seasons, these are awesome. Walking from one end of campus to the other for class obviously I get sweaty, especially with the sun beaming down. I just whip one of these bad boys out, pat myself down, and feel so refreshed.


My last favourite item is their Mummy Mud Mask. This mask removes sebum & impurities from your skin & pores. It obviously tightens your skin, because the mud dries. It’s a great nourishing & brightening mask as well! They also have a great deal with 5 masks in 1 box for $25. I usually keep all my mask in my refrigerator.   127_shop3_889772


Now it’s time to show off my bluetooth LED vanity mirror! Love this baby! All I need is one more huge mirror and my beauty wall shall be complete! But for now this will do! Its a LED bluetooth 360 mirror, called the Touch Pro.



I’ll do an to be continued on them later. I hope you’ll try one or all of the products that I mentioned. If you want to jump ahead and check them out yourself. Hope you enjoyed, if you did please like. Follow me, I post Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday. If you have any questions or request, please don’t hesitant to ask. Stay safe, live free! See you all next time.

Hugs & Kisses

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