The Korean Skincare Regimen – Eye Cream/Mask

Good afternoon my beauties, I hope this week has been good to you all. My life is a little hectic, mainly because of school projects and tests that I’m having to do. Well, that’s the life of a college student. So today is about the next part of the regimen, which is the eye creams/mask.

RECAP: You always want to have an eye cream/mask for day and night. (I usually do my cream in the morning, then my eye masks at night, because I also put on a sleeping mask.)

Lets talk about why you would need an eye cream/mask in your regimen anyway. The eye step in your regimen is the step that is a long term care step. This step helps you not have eye wrinkles or crows feet as you age. So think of it as an anti-aging step. Eye cream/mask also help with the dark circles under your eye.

For this section it’s going to be a little different with the types and what they can be used for.


Manefit Beauty Planner Lily Brightening Eye Mask – Brightens under eyes & de-puffs swollen eyes. Masks.

Goodal Moisture Barrier Eye Cream – Brightens under eye, retains moisture, & anti- wrinkle. Cream.

Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream – Great for hyper-pigmentation & hydrating. Cream.

Bio-Performance Glow Revival Eye Treatment – Brightens under eye, anti-wrinkle, & de-puffs eyes. Cream.

Erborian Ginseng Infusion Total Eye – Anti-wrinkle & brightens dark circles. Cream.

Saturday Skin Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream – Firms & brightens. Cream.

I know this is a little short mainly because it there isn’t a lot of eye creams/masks that I’ve tried that actually did anything for my under eyes. I only give you recommendations on products that I’ve tried, and that worked for me. Again some products you won’t get to work for you others take awhile to see improvements. I usually wait 2 months for the effects of an eye product to kick in. With some products from this list I saw improvements instantly, others was an over time improvement.


I hope this helped you out. I hope you all are willing to try out some of these products. Next Tuesday is moisturizes. As I always say, follow me if you’d like to hear more from me. If you enjoyed this post, please like. Stay safe, live free! See you all on Sunday for our next Fact Sunday. Any questions or request, don’t be hesitant to ask.

Hugs & Kisses

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3 thoughts on “The Korean Skincare Regimen – Eye Cream/Mask

  1. I’ve super dry undereye so I love to use the kiehl’s avocado eye treatment as an eye mask, tbh I also use in the day 😀 I need to check the creams you recommend though, I’m always looking for the next best thing 😉 Would you mind check out my page? We can follow each other and be internet friends, it’d mean the world to me ❤
    Love, Mimi

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