K – Beauty Fact Sunday

Good morning my beauties, I hope this week wasn’t stressful for you all as it was for me. I had 2 essays, 4 quizzes, and 2 lab projects that I needed to complete, which I did! Yay! I’ve been really anxious, because I with my sister that could go with out buying makeup for 3 weeks……and it’s almost time! The 29th is the day and I’m impatiently waiting for it to come. She promised if I won, which I am, she would come with me to makeup and skincare shop and be my blank canvas for my makeup looks. I might have you all join us on this anticipated journey. Especially, since we going grocery and game shopping as well. Whoop! Whoop!

So for those of us who aren’t in Korea or know people in Korea who can get them skincare, we are somewhat limited on Korean products. I don’t high risk sites like Ebay or Amazon unless I’m purchasing from the actually company. I wouldn’t suggest getting your skincare from places you’d have to bid on it just to have it. There are some really great counterfeit products that do more harm then good.

I know skincare can be expensive, but there sites that are TRUSTED Korean product sites. One of my favourites is Soko Glam. They have a lot of products and even give you a bundle deal for a 5 & 10-step skincare regimen.

The following picture is one of their 5-step bundles. Know I know what your thinking its $115 for just 5 items what is the cost of a 10-step bundle. We’ll get to that later.  This bundle is the Acne & Sebum Control Set. Everything is full sized comes with:

  1. Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity
  2. Skinfood Tea Tree Bubble Cleansing Foam
  3. Neogen Real Flower Cleansing Water Calendula
  4. Missha First Treatment Essence Mist
  5. Missha Water-Full Clear Cream



5-Step Acne + Sebum Control Set


This set is good for beginners or people who get overwhelmed with the amount of different products. It makes it simple, they give you the products. You just try them out and see if they work for you problem.

Now their 10-step is more in-depth and has more products. Pictured below is the 10-step regimen for Oily Skin, called 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine Set (Oily Skin Type).


10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine Set (Oily Skin Type)

It comes with the following:

1. BANILA CO. Clean It Zero Purity (oil-based cleanser)
2. NEOGEN Green Tea Real Fresh Foaming Cleanser (water-based cleanser)
3. GOODAL Deep Clean Pore Glacial Clay (pore mask)
4. MANEFIT Beauty Planner Mugwort Sheet Mask (one sheet mask for single-use)
5. BENTON Snail Bee High Content Skin (toner)
6. ENATURE Birch Juice Hydro Essence Skin  (essence)
7. KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum (serum)
8. MISSHA Misa Cho Bo Yang Eye Cream (eye cream)
9. BENTON Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel (moisturizer)
10. MY SKIN MENTOR DR. G Brightening Up Sun SPF 42 (sun screen)

The only bad thing about the bundle is that only give you one sheet mask, so that means you have to buy 28-30 sheet masks for everyday single use. If you decided to use a sheet mask everyday, besides the actually treatment masks that comes with the bundles. (Some bundles don’t come with a clay or bubble masks, so it just better to also get a bundle of sheet masks.) As I’ve said before, you aren’t supposed to use a treatment mask every day. It’s normally recommend to uses it 1x week or sensitive and 2x week for tougher skin. But I always use a sheet mask everyday, no matter what. I keep them all in a container in my fridge. When I use my sheet and treatment masks, I usually do sheet mask in the morning before class and treatment mask at night. Otherwise, I just sheet mask at night.


The greatest thing, I think, on this sire is their variety of sheet masks.  They have a sheet mask challenge set. That gives you seven different sheet mask for everyday. Every month they give you a new set of different masks.

7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge Set

7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge Set


I do this change once a month because it helps my skin and I love trying new masks out.
They also have a lot of products to customize your on 5 or 10-step regimen. All you have to do is start with the first step, which is oil cleansing. Filter the products for your skin type, then filter some more, if you can, for your skin concerns. They will then produce a list of oil cleansers that fit your criteria. Sometimes they don’t have products that are for both skin type and concern. So it’s just best to go with your skin type products.
The CEO of the Soko Glam, Charlotte Cho is the author of one of my trusted skincare books called, The Little Book of Skincare,Or can be found at Barnes & Nobles.
It’s a great read if you love reading about skincare, lol!
Well I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please like. Go check out Soko Glam, if you have a chance. See you all, Tuesday for next step in the Korean Regimen. If you’d like a notification whenever I post, just follow me. Have an questions or request! Ask and I shall answer. Stay safe, live free and I hope you all have a great up coming week!
Hugs & Kisses
The World As I Know It

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