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Good afternoon my beauties, I hope you are having a good beginning of the week. I’m doing okay,…not really. I have a quiz due tomorrow, an art project due today, then the second half of the same art project due Thursday! An essay due Friday, and on top of that a lab quiz due Monday. It’s going to be a hectic week for me.

Let’s talk about something fun though. Here are some places that I’ve explored in Texas, can’t wait to explore more places! The following are great restaurants and activities.

Canyon Lake, Texas

Has great walking trails, military and public access for a fee (meaning only military members or those with an active/retired/dependent card can access certain parts of the lake that the public can’t), and also has boat/jet ski/cabin rentals.¬†

  1. IMG_1563IMG_1568IMG_1559IMG_1564IMG_1586

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch & Natural Bridge Cavern 

It’s an almost 2-in-1 activity, but you have to pay for both if you want or just go to one of the two. The Ranch is an drive-thru zoo. Once you pay you get one bag of food per car. They do have military discount, yay! I usually get two bags especially since I go with my two friends. (Side-note: There is a fee for everyone in the car.) Once you pay, you can go through the park as many times as you want. They do offer a restaurant, toy store, and petting zoo of goats. The Cavern is a series of underground cave systems, that you can explore through guided tours. They also offer a rock and crystal store, a mining package (you keep what you find), a zip-line jungle gym, and a very awesome fudge and candy store. You just have to pay for everything you do.IMG_1342IMG_1341IMG_1333IMG_1324IMG_1322IMG_1302IMG_0278

Thursday, I’ll talk about some every good restaurants! Love them! Well I hope you all enjoyed this mini-blog. If you every stop by Texas, and happen to be in the area of these 3 places go check them out! You might just have some fun! As always, live free, stay safe! Please like if you enjoyed and don’t forget to follow me. If you have any request or questions, just ask! Don’t be afraid to leave a comment. See you all Thursday!

Hugs & Kisses

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