BewhY The Blind Tour Concert

Good morning my beauties, I am super excited to talk about my last Friday! It was so great! I had such a fun time at the concert. Met and befriended a lot of cool people. Shook his hand! So great! Lol! So here was the schedule:

The moment has come for to begin a very long and awesome concert:

          BewhY is in the building guys!

IMG_1712It was a very good concert! He was very kind and had a great personality, even though his English wasn’t that great! He still did his best.

He did a sound check and a Q&A with us! Found out that his been with his GF for about 5 years now. He started to question being a rapper, because he said that his was losing focus on his passion on material things.

He played his whole album, plus his songs from Show Me The Money 5. Like Forever, Day Day, and the group song Who Are You? It was the best! 

This was a great Encore song! The concert was very lit! There was never a dull moment! NEVER!

Be safe, and life free! See you all next time! Have any questions or requests please don’t be afraid to question! 

Hugs & kisses 

The World As I Know It

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