Prt 3 of My Skincare Routine

Hi my beauties

I hope you all are doing well on this Thursday morning. Have any of you tried out any of the products I’ve mentioned? If you have, let me know how it’s working for you. So today I’m doing my final part of my routine. I hope you all liked this or it helped you find some new products to try.  Let’s start!

EYES! I mean some people have great under eyes because they have good restful sleep. I’m just not one of them, AT ALL. Depending on my help habits I’ll either have huge bags or dark circles. So my eye treatments are my saving graces. I use two different masks for my eyes just swap them out everyday.

img_2192 The first one is:

MISSHA Speedy Solution Brightening Eye Patch $2 USD

I like how this mask brightens up my dark circles and how cooling it feels on my under eye skin. You never want to put anything harsh underneath your eye, because that skin is super sensitive. Next is:

MANEFIT Beauty Planner Lily Brightening Eye Mask $9 USD

This is a like an eye sheet masks. I fits like the mask Robin wears in Batman shows. The box comes with three masks. This is also very cooling and when you have puffy eyes. Great tool to combat it! *wink* From the title it brightens your under eye skin, but like it for the hydrating aspect of it. Mainly because even though my skin type is oily, only my under eyes are super dry. So I also have to hydrate then thoroughly before I wear makeup.

Next are my essences and serums:


They hydrate my skin and help my skin absorb all my other products. Starting with:

MISSHA First Treatment Essence Mist $35 USD

When I don’t wear makeup and sometimes even then, I use this essence to refresh my face. I carry the travel size bottle in my purse for times I can’t go home to touch myself up.

NEOGEN H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray $19 USD

I use these together to set everything in motion for all my other serums. I love products that help brighten my dark marks, if you couldn’t tell. So using the Serum Spray is my love. Especially in the mornings because I don’t use as many essences and serums.


These are all the other serums and essences I use on the daily.

NEOGEN Real Ferment Micro Essence $38 USD

For this product, I recently got into because it was sent to me. I do like its effects, because it does hydrate my skin and you can use it instead of the Missha Mist Spray. They are basically doing the same thing. I just have a preference for Missha. Up next:

THE ORDINARY 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil $9.80 USD

Now I know you all have heard to include a anti-aging product in routine, Well I hope you have! It’s always good. This is one of mine. I like to use this because I trust the brand and this makes my skin feel super bouncy. Now you can find this product and many more on Sephora, yayyyy!!! But here is The Ordinary site where you can find this product if it’s sold out on Sephora.

Medicube Red Serum $39 USD

I love this serum when I’m having an intense acne day. Mainly because this beauty is soothing to my inflamed skin and it is specifically for acne prone skin, but can be used by all skin types including sensitive.

RE:P Nutrinature Ultra Moist Gel Oil $34 USD

This was sent to me and I actually didn’t know that this product was missing from my life. I little spots of textured skin from acne scarring, This gel, to me, softens those little spots, Making them not so rough feeling. When this product runs out, I am definitely buying it.

KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum $23 USD

This beauties works wonders. I used this twice a daily, and when I first used it I immediately saw my hyperpigmentation lighten and almost even out spaces on my face. This serum is for if you really want to brighten up for face. Wonderful I tell you, just wonderful.

JOSIE MARAN 100 percent Pure Argan Oil Mini $16 USD

This was sent to me as well, but I feel that this product works the same as The Ordinary’s Rose Hip Seed Oil. Since I’ve been using it, I haven’t noticed that big of a difference in my skin, but it helped with my hair. Sometimes I have dry spells when it comes to my hair, and when I mix this oil with my other oil treatments. My dry spells don’t tend to recover as often. Last but not least:

THE ORDINARY Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% $6.79 USD

This product definitely helps with inflamed or irritated acne, but for what I use it for everyday is for more help with smoothing texture. I have noticed that it slightly evened out certain areas of my face. Again here is where you can find it on The Ordinary site as well, if Sephora has it out of stock.

So one of my last steps it to lock in all the treatments I’ve used with moisturizers.


Aprilskin Magic Snow Cream $20 USD

For this product I don’t really use unless I’m trying to really lighten or brighten my skin tone. My second reason for using it is that it also helps prevent blemishes and very moisturizing.

Medicube Red Erasing Cream $31 USD

This is a cream I use when I’m having an intense acne day. I soothes all my irritation and helps with my hyperpigmentation. I find that all Medicube line of products can be used for people sensitive skin, which is a plus.

BENTON Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel $19 USD

This gel is my almost daily night moisturizer. It really clams my skin down and feels very cooling on the skin. A plus, in my book, is that it helps greatly with my acne prevention and lightens my dark spots.  This can be used for skin types besides sensitive, in my opinion, because its PH level. But work best with acne prone and oily skin types.

 MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Water-Full Clear Cream $26 USD

My daily morning moisturizer for sure. I since using this to look in my oil for a time, I found that I wouldn’t have to touch up on my makeup or blot as often as I used to and sometimes my oil didn’t start coming until I was coming home. So greatness to me, haha!

Aprilskin Premium Magic Snow Cream $ 42,678 Won, which is about $40 USD

I actually got this product from S. Korea, I don’t think they sale this on any of their American or S. Korean sites. Less is an more intense version of the Magic Snow Cream they have. And I mean INTENSE! Less is more when it comes to this product, if you ever happen to be in S. Korea and want to get this.

Aprilskin Magic Snow Sun Cream $27-23 USD

This is the UV blocker of the Magic Snow series. It does basically the same thing that the other do, but helps skin as a sunblock. Can be used under makeup as well. I really only use this cream on really sunny days or if I know I’m going to be outside more than usually.

Here is my bonus:


COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch $5 USD

If you ever have acne that you want to get rid of that night or make it less intense then it, you’ll love these patches. This patch is like sorcery! The only downside for this patch is you’ll have to pop the pimple for the greatest use of it. Once it’s popped, just place the size patch that fits you pimple, they have three sizes; almost an nickle size, almost a penny size, and a little almost the size of a perfume spray top. The patch is acts like a suction, by taking all the nasty stuff out of you pimple. Usually it makes my pimple disappear that next morning or significantly reduces the size and redness of it. I definitely use this great product as a part of my intense acne routine. I love it!

So this is the end of my full morning and night routine products. I hope you all enjoyed it. I love helping people better their skin and I hope you found a product from out of all three of my series that you’d like to try out. If do, let me know how it’s working for you. I love hearing feedback. If you didn’t notice, I get most my products from Soko Glam.  I love this site because it very reliable, have great products for every skin type or concern, and I think affoundable. Plus the more you spend as a member, the more discounts or free products you can recieve. Check them out, if you haven’t already. I have a couple of days to figure out what products or events I want to talk to you all about next time. If you have some things you’d like to talk about, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I might talk about my most have foundations and the brand that I am a die hard for. We’ll see!

I hope you all have a great rest of your day and talk to you all on Sunday! Remember in comments or request don’t be afraid to get in contact with me. Would love to hear from you all! See ya! Live free and stay safe everyone!

Hugs & Kisses

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