Hey my beauties, I hope everything is going every well for you all this Monday morning! I’ve just finished all three of my classes Art, English, & History today! But I can’t go home until I print out the images of my art project, sigh. I’ve been super happy about a very important event coming up! I’m going to shoot for P1 or P3 balcony, lol! I really want the group photo though! For anyone near Dallas, are you going to the Korean Festival this month? I’ll be there only for only of my favourite performers and food choices, yay! I can hear my stomach telling me to fed him now!

I’m also waiting for 2 launches to drop! Madonna’s skincare line and Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection! Come through! My wallet is going to be so light from all this! I’ve been told you have to spend money to make money.

Well that’s all I have today! See you all tomorrow for my take on the ordinary skincare line and the products I use and why!

Hugs & Kisses

The World As I Know It